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Marlins make changes in the coaching staff

The Florida Marlins decided to make two changes in next year's coaching staff.

Pitching coach Mark Wiley and first base/infield coach Andy Fox were not offered contracts to remain in their current roles but were offered positions elsewhere in the organization.

One-year contracts for the 2010 season were offered to all of the other coaches.

Wiley and Fox were not fired but offered different positions in the organization.  What those positions are, I cannot say.  Mainly because I don't know what they are.

I'm a bit ambivalent to Fox.  The team seemed to perform better in the infield given all the parameters.  Bonifacio was a crappy third baseman and Nick Johnson was a shell of his former self at first.  None of that was Andy's fault.  You can do so much with what you are given.

Speaking about doing only so much with what you are given, what the heck was Mark Wiley expected to do, miracles?  Nolasco was coming off an incredible increase of innings over the previous year.  Miller still hasn't figured anything out.  Volstad started strong but couldn't get his sinker to work later in season after pitching a career high 175 innings in previous year, in case you didn't know, that is normal.  Sean West did the best that he could, and actually put up some pretty decent starts at the end of the season.  Anibal was recovering from shoulder problems.  Then there were those special starts by Graham Taylor, John Koronka and Hayden Penn.  A man can only do so much.

Who the Marlins bring in as a replacement will prove interesting.  If it is Rick Kranitz someone will need to talk me out of flying to Florida and running amok with a hatchet.