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Open Thread and Tie-Breaker Ichthyomancy: Tigers at Twins

Yikes, I've got to get this up in a hurry.  This isn't a playoff game but is a good warm up and the points will count towards Playoff Ichthyomancy.

This game is just like regular Ichthyomancy with the exception of you will not be picking an attendance figure but instead the winner of the game.

For example a pick will look like: Tigers, Granderson, Cabrera two off the baggies.

Three players from each team will be chosen as the players of the game.

There is probably more to add but I don't have the time.  Who starts a tie-breaker at 5:07 p.m.?  Late picks will be accepted until the third inning since this was posted so late.

Detriot (Porcello) at Twins (Baker)

Ichthyomancy is kinda sorta ready.

Best of Luck to You!



FishStriper Winner Player AAB
Hurricane Tigers M. Cabrera M. Cabrera: 2+ H, 1+ HR
LadyFish Tigers M. Cabrera Game: 1+ HR
Ocelotfox Twins Mauer Mauer, Morneau and Cuddyer: 5+ H, 3+ RBI
Spud Twins Punto Twins: team cycle