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More Theoretical Votes on Post Season Awards

Chris Coghlan continues to get attention from the media.

First up Jason Stark of ESPN.

It isn't every year that two rookie starters as sensational as J.A. Happ and Tommy Hanson swoop in and go 12-4 and 11-4, respectively, with sub-3.00 ERAs for teams that needed every pitch they threw. But who is the last rookie hit machine remotely like Chris Coghlan? Ichiro? Derek Jeter?Nomar Garciaparra? Well, if those are the names we're comparing this guy to, that pretty much ends the debate about this trophy, wouldn't you say? Coghlan has cranked out more hits (157) than all but three men in the entire National League since his May 8 debut, has more hits (108) than anyone in the sport since the All-Star break and has the highest average (.332), on-base percentage (.394) and OPS (.861) of any NL leadoff hitter for the season. His 48 hits in September were the most by any rookie in 81 years (Chuck Klein, 1928). His 95 hits in August and September combined are the third-most in back-to-back months by any NL player in the expansion era, behind only Pete Rose and Dave Parker -- and the most by any rookie in 62 years (Dale Long, 1947). Five months ago, a lot of people thought the Marlins were crazy to drop this guy into their leadoff hole and a position (left field) he'd played for one day in his pro career. Needless to say, they don't look so nuts anymore. Do they?

Then there is the Troy E. Renck of the Denver Post.

NL rookie of the year: Chris Coghlan, Marlins. This is a wide-open race, and it would not surprise me if Atlanta's Tommy Hanson wins. Just love the way Coghlan acts as a catalytic force in the lineup.

Hopefully as these keep rolling in the members of the BBWAA will start to take notice.  Chris Coghlan should be the NL Rookie of the Year.