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Ichthyomancy Crowns a Champion

The winner of the regular season Ichthyomancy contest is GameFish.

Congratulations GameFish!

GameFish rallied from 12 points down, late in the season, to take the lead and never relinquished it.  This is GameFish's first Ichthyomancy win, but then again that shouldn't come as a shock since no one has won the award twice.

Every year there is an unlucky loser so it seems, and this year is no different in that Fishcrazy led most of the way, but lost the lead near the end.  Late come from behind rallies are very common for Ichthyomancy, though I don't know why.  But sadly for Fishcrazy, this was his year to be the victim.

I would like to thank everyone who played and especially those who played all the way out.  I'm sure I'm going to forget a few but the troopers were, in no particular order,  LadyFish, Spud, Dgriot, Hurricane, Bumppo, Tdp992, BacksThePack, Ocelotfox and Jrsyeagle.

Once again, I can't thank you enough for playing.