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Market for Jeremy Hermida

It turns out there are a bunch of teams who possibly want to add the services of Jeremy Hermida to their squad.

Speculation continues to run high that the Marlins will trade outfielder Jeremy Hermida this offseason.


The Marlins are hopeful Cameron Maybin will win the center field position, and Cody Ross is expected to return. Ross, also in his second season of arbitration, could be earmarked for right field, making Hermida expendable.

Some teams believed to be interested in Hermida are the Mariners, Rays, Mets and Blue Jays. The Cubs also could have interest.

The good news, if this holds true, is that Cody will be returning.  Ross is better center fielder than a right fielder, don't ask me why.  And at this point in Maybin's career, Cody is the better center fielder of the two.  But Cameron is more comfortable in center and if he can hit we can live with him learning to get better in the field.  The best defensive outfielder the Marlins have in the organization is, of course, Brett Carroll.

This will be an interesting offseason and spring training to see how the outfield shakes out.  Is Coghlan going to remain in left?  Will Cody actually be back?  Is the light bulb going to illuminate for Maybin?  Is Carroll finally going to be given a chance?

All of the answers to these questions will come later.