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Second Place has its rewards

The Marlins are tied with the Braves for second place in the division.  If the Marlins are able to retain the second slot it could prove to be lucrative.

There's money at stake for the Marlins over their final two games. If they finish in second place, players will get about $10,000 in bonus money from the league.

Players vote on whether to give shares to coaches, trainers and clubhouse attendants - a group that would feel a bigger benefit from the cash than the players, whose minimum annual salaries start at $400,000. 

The Marlins have finished as high as second only twice in franchise history, 1997 and 2003.  Seeing how the 2009 version of the Marlins have already logged the third highest season win total in franchise history, why not be the third team to finish second.  Make sense to me and anyways, the cash sure could come in handy.