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Second Theoretical Vote on the Post Season Awards

Stan McNeal of the Sporting News puts his two cents in about who should receive award recognition.

For the NL Rookie of the Year, Mr. McNeal chooses Chris Coghlan.

Rookie of the year: Chris Coghlan, LF, Marlins
Expect this vote to be closer than it should be because of the lack of attention given to Coghlan's team. The other top candidates -- Phillies lefthander J.A. Happ, Braves righthander Tommy Hanson and Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler -- play for teams that have been on national TV at least once this season. The Marlins haven't. What you might have missed: Coghlan leads the majors in hits (107) and the NL in average (.368) since the All-Star break. For the season, he leads all rookies in average (.318) and OBP (.387). Making his rookie effort even more impressive: Coghlan had played one game in left field and never had batted leadoff until he joined the Marlins in early May.

Coghlan is starting to gain some traction with the national media and that is nothing but good.  The more, the better.

Hopefully the Marlins media personnel will enlighten today's game announcers about Coghlan in hopes they will talk up Chris in front of the national tv audience.  Coghlan deserves the award and it is just a matter of educating the voters as to who he is and what he has accomplished.