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Steve Foster has found a new home

Steve Foster, who was the bullpen coach for the Marlins, has hooked up with another team.

Steve Foster is joining the Royals as the new bullpen coach after spending the past three years in that role for the Florida Marlins. He replaces John Mizerock, who was fired after the season.

Lots of good barbecue and steaks in K.C.  Steve, just remember to eat a vegetable or a fruit every now and again.

Foster's job will likely be filled within.  Those who are betting on it, and I can't imagine there are many, are betting on whether it will be Reid Cornelius (Double-A pitching coach) or Scott Mitchell (Triple-A pitching coach) will get the job.

If I had to enter the pool, and I don't, I would guess it would be Cornelius, but I am often wrong.