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Mike Mordecai has a new gig

Mike Mordeaci has found himself a better job.

After four seasons as Houston Academy baseball coach, Mike Mordecai is leaving the program to become a roving infielder coordinator with the Toronto Blue Jays minor league system.

Mordecai informed HA officials and players of the move Wednesday. He will remain as a teacher at the school until February 1.

"This was a good opportunity that had good insurance and an increase in salary and with four kids to take care of, it was a good deal," Mordecai told the Dothan Eagle Wednesday night. "I just couldn’t turn it down."

If I am reading his stats right, he has played 557 games as an infielder, with most being being at 3rd base, but short and second aren't far behind.  I'm sure he will do an excellent job.  Naturally we wish him the best, but being a roving coach is a very time consuming position.  The Blue Jays are lucky to have him.