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Chris Coghlan doesn't win Players vote

Juan C. Rodriguez got up early this morning, to watch Mike and Mike in the morning, and reports that Chis Coghlan didn't win the NL ROY as selected by the players.

The players have spoken. Their top NL rookie is World Series-bound Phillies left-hander J.A. Happ.

This morning on ESPN's Mike and Mike show, the Players Association revealed their first two Players Choice awards. In addition to Happ, the outstanding AL rookie honor went to White Sox infielder Gordon Beckham.

Players cast their votes around mid-September. Not sure whether the results would have swung in Chris Coghlan's favor had they made their picks after the season ended. Remember Coghlan finished with back-to-back 50-plus hit months.

Oh well, I'm sure he was in the hunt.  With there being more hitters than pitchers, I am sure the majority of the players found it more bothersome trying to hit Happ than they did seeing Coghlan always standing on first.

Also, considering that the Phillies already had the division in hand at the time of the voting, probably factored in too.