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Player Choice Awards

The players get together and vote on the MLBPA Player Choice Awards and some of the Marlins are up for the various honors.

National League:

Outstanding Player: Prince Fielder (Milwaukee), Albert Pujols (St. Louis), Hanley Ramirez (Florida) 
Outstanding Pitcher: Chris Carpenter (St. Louis), Tim Lincecum (San Francisco), Adam Wainwright (St. Louis) 
Outstanding Rookie: Chris Coghlan (Florida), Tommy Hanson (Atlanta), J.A. Happ (Philadelphia) 
Comeback Player: Aaron Boone (Houston), Chris Carpenter (St. Louis), Nick Johnson (Florida)

Either League:

Player of Year: Joe Mauer (Minnesota), Albert Pujols (St. Louis), Hanley Ramirez (Florida) 

I'm guessing we won't see any winners unless Chris Coghlan can pull it out.  Let's face it, Hanley is up against Pujols twice.  Nick Johnson is up against heart surgery patient Aaron Boone.  So that leaves Coghlan, I just hope that the pitchers who faced the Marlins after the All-Star break that their votes will count twice.

Even if none of them win, it is still impressive to be nominated by your peers.