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Stadium News - Sort of

It seems we are going to have parking garages after all.

Miami commissioners approved parking for the Florida Marlins ballpark Thursday, but only after lowering the price tag and deleting a controversial piece of the funding puzzle that could have cut the cost even more over the deal's life.

In voting 3-2 to back funding to build four garages and a surface lot, commissioners agreed to drop the financing plan's cost from $135 million to $120 million.

Even with that decrease, the cost is still higher than planned. The funding blueprint initially called for Miami to issue bonds worth no more than $94 million.

With the decrease, some of the designers, construction managers and consultants may have to send their children to Brown instead of Yale.  

Personally, parking on someone's lawn never bothered me.  I have done at the Cotton Bowl and it worked out quite well.  But I guess, Brown needs some students too.