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Stadium News - Sort of

We all maybe relieving the glory days of parking on the lawns at the site of the new Marlins stadium.

When Miami commissioners agreed to bankroll the parking structure for the new Marlins stadium -- the city's key investment in the Little Havana deal -- the cost eyed was $94 million.

On Thursday, when commissioners meet to formalize funding for the parking facilities, the total anticipated bond cost will be $135 million.

Whether or not the city approves this, the stadium will go on.  I suspect they will, or at least, I hope they will.

I would rather the extra money go to the workers, but that is never the case.  Instead it is going to construction related front office management .

City Manager Pete Hernandez said the $41 million beyond the projected $94 million includes $15 million in reserves and millions more for design surveys, construction management and environmental consultants.

If it ends up we all park on lawns and give some money to the good people of Little Havana, I have no problem with that.  And actually I might prefer it instead of giving an extra $41 million to the above three.  I have my reasons and I deal with each of the three groups on a daily basis.