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Pitching Coach Number Three

The Marlins lost out on Bryan Price to the Reds. Then they lost out on Rick Peterson to the Brewers.  Who knows maybe the third time is a charm.

When Jeffrey Loria traded in the Expos to buy the Marlins in 2002, pitching instructor Randy St. Claire could have joined the southward migration with other members of the Montreal organization. But, due to family matters, St. Claire elected to stay behind.


Now, more than seven years later, St. Claire could receive a second shot to join the Marlins, who are in the process of interviewing him for the open pitching coach position.

 I really don't know how much a difference a pitching coach makes, but I do know this, when you have young arms, and the Marlins do, it is one of their responsibilities to try and help protect those arms. Of course, they can only do so much, since the manager has a say, and in the case of the Marlins, the front office has a big say.  Nonetheless, it is one important aspect of their job.

Whether St. Claire is good in that role, I cannot say.  However, I must admit, I am still trying to figure out why they fired Wiley.   So maybe I'm not the most objective person.