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Jorge Cantu selling the World Series

Jorge Cantu is in Mexico trying to sell the MLB playoffs.

On Wednesday, Cantu traveled from his home in Texas to Mexico City for a two-day promotional tour.

The main rights holder for televising the playoffs in Latin America is the Televisa network.

"It will be a lot of promos that I'm doing, encouraging people to watch the World Series," Cantu said on Wednesday. "I'll be doing interviews, commercials, a lot of things talking about the playoffs."

 I have no idea how Mexico, or the rest of Latin America feels about the playoffs, but if they are like me, the last thing they want to watch is the Phillies v. Yankees.  And there is still a chance it won't happen.  Go Angels!

I hope MLB is paying Cantu something, because selling this year's series is one hard thing to do in my book.

Your thoughts may very.