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Nick Johnson faces the offseason

Joe Frisaro writes an article about Nick Johnson's future.

Uncertainty looms for oft-injured Johnson

Bottom line for the Marlins, there ain't no stinkin' way he will be back with the Fish next season.  He simply costs too much.  It is not that he didn't do a good job at the plate, when healthy.  He did.  It is not that he wasn't a good teammate.  He was.  But this is the Florida Marlins which is probably the most frugal organization in the game today, (if you want to substitute cheapest  for frugal, I will not argue)  He will command too high of a price tag and no one will be picking up his salary for us this time.  

The other thing is it maybe time to give Gaby a real shot, or maybe even Logan Morrison.  Logan will make the roster one day, but he is still very young and hasn't even logged a full season in Double-A.   For my money, I want to see what Gaby can do.  If he does well, then Logan can play left field when he is ready.  Of course, if the Marlins see Coghlan as the everyday left fielder of the future, it will become tricky.  Yeah, Coghlan didn't start out so great in left but he got better.  The tutorials from Cody and BC started to take effect as the season wore on.  Though I wonder how much help BC was on throwing. (I can just hear it now: "You just take the ball out of your mitt and throw a frozen rope 400 feet to home.  Got it?")

A lot of these concerns will be answered in the offseason and into spring training depending on what the Marlins do with the arbitration eligible players.  But Nick Johnson's time with the Marlins is more than likely done.