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The Marlins are Lucky Crap emerging

I'm not going to address this on a Friday after a week of Mondays, but BP fired the first salvo.  (It is premium content so you may not be able to read it unless you already have a subscription.  Which I do, it is a great site.)  But others will follow and I plan to address this, the Marlins are lucky crap probably next week.  

But in the meantime I want to make sure you know this:

The Marlins will finish with the third-highest victory total in franchise history. They have 85 entering their weekend series against the Phillies. Only the 1997 and 2003 teams won more games, finishing with 92 and 91 victories, respectively.

So, now, you all know the Marlins have surpassed last year's lucky season in wins, no matter what happens in the final three games.