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Andrew Miller makes his 2009 AFL Debut

Andrew Miller is in the Arizona Fall League hoping to improve his delivery.  However the first time out, didn't exactly warm hearts.

The Arizona Fall League is a place where prospects go to fine-tune their skills. Marlins lefty Andrew Miller is no longer a prospect but he’s one of the few major league players participating in the AFL — in Miller’s case to fine-tune his delivery in preparation for 2010.

Miller made his debut Saturday for the Mesa Solar Sox and allowed one run on one hit in two innings while walking three batters.

 Three walks in two innings of work is about where he left off.  Not to mention the one run.  BGA threw a total of 36 pitches and only 16 of them for strikes.  BGA's problem, besides his, let's make Dr. Andrews richer delivery, is that he doesn't have command of the strike zone.  It is early in the AFL and maybe, just maybe, the light bulb will go off in his head.  The boy has talent, it is just a matter of him learning how to harness it.