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Bryan Price rejects the Marlins offer

Pitching coach, Bryan Price decided the Marlins weren't the team for him.

Bryan Price has opted to become the Reds pitching coach rather than take the same job with the Marlins.

Price had discussions with several teams and mulled a few offers, including one from the Marlins. In the end, his relationship with President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest was not enough to consummate a deal.

"We discussed the job at length and Larry and Jeffrey [Loria] worked hard to get something done," Price said. "Cincinnati was just a better fit. I could have easily worked for Fredi [Gonzalez], Larry and Jeffrey. They did nothing wrong in their efforts to make it work. They were first class all the way.

"They have a great group of pitchers that would have been a treat to work with. Cincy was just a better fit at this time for me and my family."

I can just hear his part of the interview.

"Price: You mean if you bring up Koronka, Taylor or Penn and they suck, that is my fault?

Front office: Yes.

Price: I think I can do better elsewhere."

Time for plan B.