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Beer Competition for the FMCF

Not sure I completely understand this but there is a beer tasting competition that will benefit the Florida Marlins Community Foundation.

Head To Head Beer Competition Goes Pro With The Florida Marlins

 I know we have some FishStripers who have swilled beer at least once in the their lives, me included.  But taste testers?

If you fancy yourself a connoisseur, click on the link on the link and signup.  I suspect they are looking for the swishing and spitting kind of judges, but then again what are they going to do if you keep downing bottle after bottle, other than call a cab to take you home.  In that case everyone wins, "Cornerstones for Kids" gets some money, the cab driver gets a fare, and you get free beer.  Oh sure, you won't be invited back next year, but let's be honesty, you really didn't think were going to be anyway.