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LCS Open Thread and Ichthyomancy (Day Three)

From the way the weather is looking, this game is in big time doubt as to whether it will be played or not.  Should the game be called, it will be rescheduled for 4:30 p.m. tomorrow.

But we will continue on for now with the assumption that it will be played.

Angels (Saunders) at Yankees (Burnett), 7:57 p.m.

Ichthyomancy is more or less good to go.

Best of Luck to You!

FishStriper LAA@NYY Player AAB
BacksThePack NYY Teixeira NYY: 2+ HR
Hurricane LAA Vlad Game: 10+ R
LadyFish LAA Abreu LAA: W by 1
Ocelotfox LAA Saunders Teixeira, A-Rod: 0 H
Spud LAA Morales NYY: 1+ WP, 1+ E; Burnett: no QS
Tdp992 LAA Hunter LAA pen: W