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Marlins AFL Report

It seems that in second day of the Arizona Fall League a Marlins prospect did well.

Today’s top award goes to unheralded Florida Marlins OF prospect Bryan Petersen, who collected three hits including his first AFL HR and two doubles.

Congratulations Bryan!

Petersen is an outfielder, mostly CF, who is big time bottled neck when it comes to garner a job in the outfield with the Marlins. Obviously there are somethings he has going against him.  One is his age, he will be 24 in April and he is still in Double-A.  But that can be worked around, many have hit their stride later.  He has a nice arm, but nothing like Brett Carroll's, but then again who does.  Eventually Stanton will come due, and there is no way the club is going to give up on Maybin and Morrison can play the outfield also.  Not to mention Coghlan and Carroll.

Petersen does have some speed, he stole 13 bases in the minors last season.  But unfortunately he doesn't know when to use it, he was caught stealing 12 times.

But probably the most important thing in Petersen's favor is that he is an Anteater and they never give up.