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Hanley Ramirez signs with Louisville Slugger

Hanley Ramirez and Louisville Slugger have reached an agreement.

Ramirez's name again is being attached to Louisville Slugger. The company has announced it has signed the Marlins slugger to a bat contract.

The contract means Louisville Slugger can put Ramirez's actual signature on bats instead of using block letters.

Cool.  When I was a kid, what seems like centuries ago, there was some weird kind of status as to whose bat you used.  In case you are wondering, and I can't imagine you are, I hit with a Jackie Robinson model.

But I guess what this means is that kids everywhere will be using that thin handled type of bat that Hanley uses.  And that ain't a bad thing.  It really is star status when your signature appears on a bat and especially when the bats are made to your preferred dimensions.

A Louisville Slugger has a warm place in my heart, in fact, should you ever win regular season Ichthyomancy, you get one.