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Stadium News - Sort of

Norman Braman keeps losing in court, but apparently he is having a hard time learning that lesson.

Sarah Talalay has the story.

Luxury auto dealer Norman Braman has struck out again.The Third District Court of Appeal affirmed on Wednesday the lower court’s ruling in Braman’s suit targeting the financing for the Florida Marlins' new ballpark and other Miami projects.


"We’re evaluating the decision and our options," Braman said Wednesday afternoon.

Don't expect him to quit.  He has too much time on his hands and way too much money to quit now.  But after a certain point, even a sympathetic court will rule against him, given where the Marlins stand with the construction of the new stadium.  I think we are at the point his arguments will be dismissed in any court.

Oh, if are looking to buy a new car, may I suggest Maroone.  Sure, since the Marlins tend to put the bullpen in action a lot, and the song gets a little tiresome, however, they have never sued the team.  On a weird note, I think it would disappoint me if I didn't hear the song on a pitching change. I am not known for my taste.