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New Orleans Zephrys make some changes

The New Orleans Zephyrs will make some changes, mainly in their uniforms.

The new logo is a "Fleur de Z" logo, with a baseball bat as the centerpiece and the new "Zephyrs" script across the middle.


Additionally, the Zephyrs have introduced metallic silver into the color scheme for the first time, taking the place of the hunter green that has traditionally been used. Navy blue will remain the Zephyrs’ primary color.

Personally I liked the blue and green motif.  But if they want to have the same colors as the Dallas Cowboys, it really isn't my call.  While the new logo is okay, click on the link to see it, adding in metallic silver doesn't excite me.  Perhaps you have a different view.

In other Zephyrs news, the team is cool for many years to come.

Continuing a stretch of sports-related blockbuster deals for the state,  the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District approved a seven-year lease agreement for the New Orleans Zephyrs.


The Zephyrs' old lease was scheduled to expire after the 2011 season,  but both parties decided it was important to get a new deal done.

Whether the Marlins will have a relationship with the Zephyrs for all of those years remains to be seen.  But even if they don't, it is good that baseball has some kinda home in New Orleans.