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Andrew Miller to the AFL

Andrew Miller is on his way to the Arizona Fall League.

In hopes of getting Miller on track, the Marlins have sent the lefty to the Arizona Fall League, where he will pitch for the Mesa Solar Sox.

"I've been given a lot of opportunities. I haven't necessarily taken them and run with them yet," Miller said. "But I still think I'm young. I think I have plenty of time to hopefully keep working towards that goal."


An objective in the Fall League is to get Miller some innings while having him refine his delivery.


"I think there are some mechanical problems that are hampering me from throwing pitches where I want to," Miller said. "It's just a process. You have to figure it out as you go."


I guess the Marlins want Miller to face live hitting while he is trying to make adjustments.  The AFL is where most the of best prospects go to show their wares.  With most of the people who are in the stands at the games being GMs, Assistant GMs, Scouts or the like, it is proving showcase for the young.  The Marlins first gained a lot of interest in Uggla from his play in the AFL.

Other players from the Marlins organization who will be joining BGA on the Mesa Solar Sox are pitchers Jay Buente, Garrett Parcell and Jay Voss.  The position players are Matt Dominguez, Greg Burns, Bryan Petersen and Mike Stanton.