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The Marlins are short a couple more coaches

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A couple of the Marlins coaches have refused to rejoin the team for next season.

Third base-outfield coach Bo Porter and bullpen coach Steve Foster declined offers to return, the Marlins said Friday.

This will be different, we will get a new third base coach to blame when the Marlins don't score the runs we think they should.  I will say this about Porter, with the exception of Hermida who has never figured out how to play the field, the Marlins outfield did show some signs of improvement, though it can't be found in any stat known to mankind.

Coghlan did improve as he gained more experience.  However, I will duly note, if you are going to try to hide  someone's defensive deficiencies, left-field is a mighty fine place to hide them.  Coghlan may one day make a very good left-fielder should the Marlins decide to keep him there.

Cody is an excellent outfielder but he did have an off year for him.  I'm sure there are outfielders who would consider it a major success if they would've put up his numbers.

Brett Carroll was unbelievable.  Now how much of that can be contributed to Porter, I don't know.

I guess what I'm getting at is that no matter his problems as the third base coach, which is always unfairly judged by fans, and that is our duty to do so, he did a decent job with the outfielders.

As for Steve Foster, I cannot say.  But I do know this, the protective net was always raised on time with great efficiency.  Of course, coordinating that may have been Arsenault's domain, and he will be returning.

I guess the bottom line is that Bo Porter and Steve Foster won't be returning, so the Marlins have four coaching spots to fill.