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Jeremy Hermida won't start again

Jeremy Hermida will, probably, not make another start for the Marlins again this season.

On Wednesday, Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said chances are Hermida will not make another start this season. Florida has four games remaining, and Hermida says playing a full game would be troublesome.


After the season, Hermida will be heading into his second year of arbitration. With changes expected after the season, speculation is he will not be with the club next year.

Oblique strains are hard to get over, especially when you have to performed the twisting and turning required in baseball.  In the meantime, Brett Carroll gets to roam right field and that is alright by me.  Actually if truth be told, it is preferable to me.

Should the Marlins decide to trade Hermida in the offseason, it shouldn't be hard to find a taker.  Most clubs are willing to take on an once highly touted prospect who has shown moments of very big potential.  And Hermida has done that.  Just unfortunately not all that often.  What the club can get in return remains to be seen.