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The Marlins looking for 88 wins

The Florida Marlins will be trying the sweep the Phillies and win 88 games.

The Marlins were eliminated from the wild-card race on Tuesday when the Colorado Rockies defeated the Brewers.

``It was four games left when they finally put the mark on us,'' Gonzalez said. ``So you feel like we were in it the whole time. I'm proud of those guys. We'd still like to get to 88 wins.''

The Marlins have already wrapped up their sixth winning season in franchise history.

Before the season started I did a bunch of radio interviews and all ended with them asking me how many games the Marlins would win this season, to each I answered 87.  Of course this was met with the same silence each time as if I said a flying saucer just landed on my lawn and little green men are approaching my door.

I would be more than happy to be wrong with the Marlins winning 88 games.