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John Sickles' Florida Marlins Top 20 Prospects

John Sickles of Minor League Ball has listed his ranking of the Florida Marlins Top 20 prospects.  John is well respected and his list of prospects is always highly anticipated and considered one of the best.

Now, I'm not going to put the list up here at FishStripes, if you want to read it, and you should, you need to click on the link.

But I will quote this part from his conclusions of the Marlins system as a teaser:

The Marlins have a large group of potential impact players at the top of the system.

     Maybin, Morrison, Dominguez, Stanton, and Skipworth all have the ability to be major league regulars and possible All-Stars. Few teams offer that kind of depth. Stanton is potentially the best of all, but may also has the highest risk right now. Morrison is probably the safest, with the others holding a middle position. I expect that Maybin may disappoint some people in 2009, but if they are patient with him and don’t expect him to hit .300, he will have a very long and productive career.


Overall, the Marlins are loaded.

Go read the entire article.  You will be glad you did.