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Florida Marlins sign Logan Kensing

You should already know this assuming you read marlinsman's Fan Post.  But in case you didn't, Logan Kensing and the Marlins reached an agreement.

The Marlins reached a contract agreement Tuesday with right-handed reliever Logan Kensing, reducing the team's arbitration-eligible players to seven.

Kensing, 26, went 3-1 with a 4.23 ERA in 48 games last year, his first full season after recovering from reconstructive elbow-ligament surgery. He signed a one-year deal for $660,000.

Cool, Logan gets a raise.  Good for him. 

Yes, yes, I know the Marlins aren't being consistent with their offerings, more on that in a moment.

Here is what you may not know.

The team will not focus on reaching agreements with All Star second baseman Dan Uggla, third baseman Jorge Cantu, pitcher Ricky Nolasco, right-fielder Jeremy Hermida, outfielder Cody Ross, utility man Alfredo Amezaga and infielder Dallas McPherson.

If the article is correct, the Marlins are planning to go to arbitration with all of the above players.

This is very rare for the club, in fact, I can't remember them ever doing this in the past.  If it happens, they either have no idea what is the present market value of the players, given the economic times.  Or, they think they can get their offered price in most of the cases.

I know a few years ago that the players had to be present for the arbitration hearings, don't know whether that is still the case.  I have never sat in on a baseball arbitration hearing, but in the days of old in the NFL it consisted of the team running down the player and the agent championing his client.  Hopefully that is not the case today, especially if the player is forced to attend.  Nothing destroys goodwill like having your employer running you down to your face.  But surely that has changed.

If the article is accurate, the Marlins better breakout the checkbook because Danny is going to put a big hurt on their financial plans.

The others are hoping to get paid for last season but their previous output will be factored in.  While that isn't probably fair to Nolasco, the boy is good.  Or Cody since his playing time has been limited the past,  it could help Hermida.

There are so many ways to evaluate this and I simply don't have time, but chime in if you have any ideas.