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Carl Pavano is Cleveland bound

Carl Pavano got an offer he couldn't refuse.

The Marlins were unsuccessful in their attempt to reacquire Pavano, who ended up signing a one-year deal with the Indians.

The oft-injured Pavano, who once pitched for the Marlins, will reportedly make $1.5 million, with the potential to earn an additional $5.3 million in incentives tied to starts and innings pitched.

Good for Carl because there was noway the Marlins were going to match that offer.

In case you are wondering, Pavano will never make all his incentives.  In order to get the full $5.3 million he will have to make over 30 starts and pitch about 230 innings.  If on the off chance he does that, it will be a career year and probably his final one in major league baseball given that his arm will be spent.

He does have a history of injuries and I doubt he would ever recover from that much work.

But whatever happens, we wish Carl the best.