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Florida Marlins still have Pavano on the mind

The Florida Marlins, according to this report, are still negotiating with Carl Pavano.

The Marlins are interested in signing ex-Marlin Carl Pavano to a deal worth $1 million with incentives but were told Pavano wants $2 million. If any of the Marlins' five projected starters ( Josh Johnson,Ricky NolascoChris VolstadAnibal Sanchez or Andrew Miller) is injured, Florida could turn to Rick VandenHurk or Ryan Tucker unless it adds a Pavano-type veteran.

Paying $2 million dollars to an injury waiting to happen doesn't seem like that good of a insurance policy.  Yes, yes, I know that Pavano was the Marlins ERA leader in among the starters in 2004.  But times have changed and Pavano isn't the same pitcher.

Should the Marlins need a sixth starter, I would rather see if VandenHurk has matured as a pitcher or possibly whether Sean West is ready for the big time.  The Pavano solution doesn't feel right to me.

But I probably won't have to worry about it since I sincerely doubt the Marlins will meet his $2 million dollar price tag.