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Oh, you've have got to be kidding

This part of the article I found to be almost hilarious.

Shortly after the 2008 season ended, the Marlins were very active. They traded Mike Jacobs to the Royals for reliever Leo Nunez. Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham were dealt to the Nationals for infielder Emilio Bonifacio and two prospects. Kevin Gregg was then moved to the Cubs for reliever Jose Ceda.


Because the team isn't mandated to move players for financial reasons, the club has been more quiet...

Oh, Puhleeze.  The Marlins traded four arbitration eligible players for some players who are not eligible and money had nothing to do with it?  Sell it to someone else.

Yes, the Jacobs for Nunez trade was a good one, and probably necessary to open up a spot for one of the younger players.  Sure, the Gregg for Ceda deal was a very nice trade, or least it has potential .  The Olsen and Willingham deal didn't even get close to returning fair value for the two players, but that aside.  Does anyone really think the trading of the four players didn't at least in part have to do with money?

The Marlins have a yet unannounced payroll figure and there was no way they were going to arbitration with all the eligible players.  Therefore some have been jettison to make sure they could fit the others in their budget.

That is the way it goes with Marlins baseball.  Love it or hate it.  It just is.  But don't try to convince me that money wasn't a factor, I'm not buying.