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Salary Arbitration filing starts today

The Marlins who are eligible can begin filing for arbitration today and believe me...they will.

The clock is ticking as the arbitration salary filing period runs from Jan. 5-15. An important date to watch is Jan. 19, which is the exchanging of salary arbitration figures. The team has a standard policy that if they don't sign a player by that date, they will resolve the matter at an arbitration hearing, which would be sometime in February.

Arbitration hearings begin on Feb. 1 and go through Feb. 21.  

Historically the Marlins rarely go to arbitration with their players.  Normally, the Marlins offer a fair, or at least, somewhat fair contract and a deal is worked out before the exchanging of salary date.  But after the Joe Nelson incident who knows what the club will do this year.

The players who are eligible for arbitration are: Dan Uggla, Cody Ross, Jorge Cantu, Jeremy Hermida, Ricky Nolasco, Alfredo Amezaga, Logan Kensing and Dallas McPherson.

Depending on how busy their agents are, expect to see all of them file for arbitration within the next few days.  Then again, given the long weekend, they may all file today.