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Marlins sign Kiko Calero and Jason Standridge

As Jrsyeagle reported in yesterday's Chum Bucket, the Marlins signed Kiko Calero and Jason Standridge to minor league contracts and have invited them to camp.

First off, I want to give credit where credit is due.  Photi was the first in the Marlins blogosphere to report the signing of Standridge and he did it on Tuesday.

Standridge Signed.

You can read about Standridge there, complete with a link to his stats.  But I will add this, he is a journey man and if he shows at least some hope of potential in camp, he will more than likely start the season in the minors.  I hope he likes gumbo.

The other signing was, of course, Kiko Calero.

A product of St. Thomas University and native of Santurce, Puerto Rico, Calero made his major league debut with the Cardinals in 2003 and has since appeared in 246 games. A career-best 70 of those outings came in 2006 for the Athletics, who released him last June. Calero was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff early in 2008 and finished the season in the Rangers system.

There was a time in his career when he was pretty good, but then his arm fell off.  Now that it is reattached he is trying to make a comeback at age 34.  Should he show something in camp, he may also end up eating gumbo.

The signing of the two brings the total numbers of relievers invited to camp at, oh, who really knows, but it feels like about 123.

Anyway, here are his stats.

Kiko Calero