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Chum Bucket

The community guessing project is still going on.  Now, you don't have to be as efficient as HadMatter and do all the players all at once.  For today, say, you can just do Danny and Hanley.  And tomorrow, or sometime, Ricky and Josh for example.  The guessing project is suppose to go until opening day.  So there is plenty of time, but it never hurts to get some of the players out of the way.

In sports today, the Panthers are at home.  In men's college basketball, FAU and FIU are in action.  While I'm sure the two games will be an excellent watch, there is a non-Florida game that may also be worth tuning in to -- St. Mary's at Gonzaga.

On the women's side of college b-ball, UM, FGCU, UF, NF, UCF and FSU will all be doing their best.

In non-sports action, that is left as an exercise for the reader.

Talk about anything that floats your boat.

But whatever you decide, Have a Nice Day!