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Big Brother is Watching

1984 comes to JRS.

Miami Dolphins recently collaborated with GE Security, Inc., a business of GE Enterprise Solutions (NYSE:GE), and Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies Integration Solutions to deploy an advanced IP video surveillance system at Dolphin Stadium. The stadium used the system in conjunction with other leading technologies to protect and enhance the game-day experience for more than 900,000 fans during Miami Dolphins regular season and playoff games, as well as the major Bowl Championship Series game and other events.

The video solution, which includes GE Security Megapixel and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) Legend Dome cameras and Video Management System (VMS) software, is part of a comprehensive fan conduct program to help security personnel respond to emergencies and other situations at stadium events throughout the year, including the upcoming World Baseball Classic in March and Florida Marlins home games.


“The GE Security video system provides a clear view of nearly every seat in the house...


The Dolphins worked with Ingersoll-Rand Security Technologies Integration Solutions, a GE Security global integration partner, to install GE Security’s Megapixel and PTZ Legend Dome cameras strategically throughout the facility, providing operators a more reliable view of events in and around the stadium. Monitored from a control center within Dolphin Stadium...

(Emphasis is mine)

I won't go into a rant about how I don't like this, I will just leave it as a public service announcement.

However, I hope the watchers don't go blind from the glare coming off the empty orange seats during the Sunday day games.