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It is your turn...

You remember all the preseason statistical analysis that have the Marlins finishing last or next to last in the division?  Well, forget them.  We have the chance to make our own predictions on how the Marlins players will do this season.  And after we have made them, our good friend Sky will take the data and do whatever it is he does and make a prediction for the NL East and the playoffs, not to mention other stuff.

So if you will just look to the right you will see a Fan Post titled Community WAR Project 2009.  Just click on the post for instructions.

Oh, in case you were wondering "WAR" stands for "wins above replacement".  But that isn't much of a concern since you don't have to calculate it, all you need to do is give some simple estimations or guesses.  Either works just fine.

So head on over to the Fan Post, your opinion is needed.