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Breakout that suit and tie fellows

I was reading this article about how the players don't respect the fans unless they are dressed in a suit and tie to sign autographs in the offseason.

Which seemed strange to me because if a Marlin showed up in an Armani suit to sign autographs at Fan Fest, which takes place on Feb. 7, I would be asking everyone in attendance:  "Is Beinfest or Hill here?   'Cause they need to trade a player.  This guy is too dumb to pour..."  I will save you from the rest of the somewhat common statement.

Really I thought the fifties were in the rearview mirror.

But the article went on to say this:

When longtime St. Louis Cardinals broadcaster Al Hrabosky was here with the Cardinals Caravan, he said St. Louis officials are very concerned about the impact of the economy. He thought the team might struggle to get more than 3 million people through the turnstiles this season.

I’m sure they’ll get a lot of sympathy from the 12 major league baseball franchises that never have drawn 3 million fans, even in their best season.

Tampa Bay won the American League pennant last year and only drew 1,780,791 fans. When the White Sox won the world championship in 2005, they drew only 2,342,833. Besides the Sox and Rays, the other teams that never have hit the 3-million mark are the Pirates, Reds, Braves, Nationals, Royals, Twins, Blue Jays, Rangers, Marlins and A’s.

While it is true I won't shed a tear if the Cardinals don't draw 3 million fans this season, though I hope they do.  The list is completely inaccurate.

The Marlins drew 3 million fans in 1993.  The Braves drew 3 million fans in 1992 and 1993.  The Twins drew 3 million fans in 1988.  Okay, these are rare occurrences and could easily be missed.  But how in the world would one include the Blue Jays?

The Blue Jays drew 3 million fans in 1989 and 1990.  While technically in 1991 through 1993 they didn't draw 3 million fans to the park, they did draw 4 million each of those years.

Obviously the author didn't try to attend a Blue Jays home game during '91 to '93.  I did, that was one tough ticket to get.