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Weekend Chum Bucket

Once again we made to the Weekend, and that is only good news.

In sports, the Heat are playing at home on Saturday.  Apparently, the Panthers plan to enjoy their break from major league hockey.  There is plethora of college basketball games on both the men's and women's side.  Also, the Australian Open is marching on.

In non-sports events, you choose the topic since there are probably too many to list here.

Something of note, maybe: I was looking on the Marlins official site last night, yes I know I need a life, but something struck me as kinda weird.  It was the list of broadcasters


Notice anything strange?

Why isn't Rich Waltz on the list?  Did something happen I don't know about or could it just be an oversight?  Inquiring minds want to know.

While you are working on that mystery, I will be entering data into a grid to kickoff a project we will, hopefully, start on Monday.  Trust me, if I get the data entered, it will be fun.  Or at least, something resembling fun.

But in the meantime, Have a Great Weekend!