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Florida Marlins outfield arms evaluated

The Hardball Times just recently released their evaluation of the best outfield arms for last season.

The results for the main Marlins outfielders are far from surprising  The run total is measured against the major league average for the various outfield positions.

Here is the link to the study.

THT Best arms of 2008

Cody was the best.  In fact, he saved the Marlins a little over a couple of runs with his arm alone.  The interesting thing he was the third best center fielder, in all of baseball, at throwing out runners.

Willingham was pretty much neutral.  He didn't do anything outstanding but he didn't hurt the club with his arm.  He was just an average major league arm in left.

And then there was Hermida....oh, Hermida.  His arm cost the Marlins over 3 runs when compared to what an average major league right fielder should do.  The rally cry here is: At least he isn't Austin Kearns!

Take a look at the study, it is pretty interesting.