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Nolasco v. Olsen Opening Day?

There is a possibility that Ricky Nolasco could face off against Scott Olsen on opening day.

Ricky Nolasco kept his arm in shape over the winter by playing catch at Founders Park in Aventura with former teammate Scott Olsen. If the stars align, Nolasco and Olsen could end up facing each other April 6 -- Opening Day -- at Dolphin Stadium.

That is where the Marlins and Washington Nationals, Olsen's new club, will open their seasons.

''We've laughed about it,'' Nolasco said.

I hope this doesn't happen because opening day in JRS is normally a day game and I won't get to see it.  (I told you I was the selfish type a couple of days ago.  And I try to stay true to my word.)

Let Josh Johnson face John Lannan on April 6 and push the Nolasco versus Olsen match back to April 7.

I'm sure my words will fall on deaf ears, but you gotta try.