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Robert Andino trade bait

According to a couple of reports the Marlins are still trying to trade Robert Andino, though it probably won't happen until spring training.

Shortstop Robert Andino knows his playing time with the Marlins is limited with Ramirez locked up to a six-year, $70 million contract. That's why Andino said he was happy when he heard rumors the Marlins were shopping him around.

"Who wants to be a backup?" he asked. "Nobody. I don't want to be a backup."

Andino is out of options, so the Marlins can't send him to the minors after spring training. He'll most likely end up getting traded before opening day. Expect teams to take a good look at Andino this spring when he will get lots of playing time with Ramirez and Alfredo Amezaga playing in the World Baseball Classic.

"That's good. About time I get some playing time," he laughed.

Yes, it is about time Andino gets to spend some time on the field.  I like Andino but the Marlins are probably doing him a favor if they trade him.  He is a slick fielding middle infielder with speed.  So therefore, if you go by the Marlins trades this offseason, the club should receive a middle of the order hitter and a 25 year-old lefty who can throw 200 innings at the major league level in return for Robert.