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Dan Uggla's future

In a lame attempt David Samson tried to squash the rumors that Dan Uggla was going to be traded at some point in the season or afterwards.

Marlins president David Samson on Wednesday cleared up any misconceptions about Uggla's status for the season. Should the ruling go in favor of Uggla, it doesn't mean the team will then look to trade the All-Star.

Nothing I have read said if Danny wins in the arbitration hearings the team will immediately start shopping the second baseman.

The case most have made, including myself, is no matter whether Uggla wins in arbitration or not, is that this is probably his last season with the Marlins.

Samson went on to say:

"Everyone is on the trading block, but some players are more likely than others to get traded and I would certainly put him in the less-likely (category) as we speak today," Marlins President David Samson said Wednesday.

(Emphasis is mine)

Here is the logic of Uggla being traded either before the deadline or in the offseason after the completion of the 2009 campaign.

In 2010 Hanley Ramirez's salary increases to $7 million and if Dan Uggla puts up his normal numbers, his salary could increase to about $8 million in arbitration, more or less.  Not to mention that if Ricky Nolasco and Josh Johnson have the good years we all hope, they will be looking at a hefty pay raise above this year's.

Then there is the fact a new Marlins stadium, assuming it is ever built, isn't going to open until 2012 at the earliest.  Coupled with the fact that the team isn't interested in signing Uggla to long term contract and given the club's propensity to keeping the payroll as low as possible until they can find a new revenue source.  It means they will not keep the 2009 opening day roster together for another 3 years.

In other words, someone is hitting the bricks and it will more than likely be Uggla since he will be the most expensive player, in terms of salary, who isn't under a long term contract.

It's not pretty, but it is a part of Marlins baseball.