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Dan Uggla going to arbitration

Dan Uggla is going to take his chances with the arbitrator.

Dan Uggla put up some unprecedented power numbers during his first three seasons with the Marlins.

Next month the slugging second baseman should get a chance to swing for the fences again, this time at the arbitration table.

Uggla, seeking $5.35 million, was the only Marlin to exchange salary figures with the team at Tuesday's noon deadline. The Marlins countered with an offer of $4.4 million, which still would represent a massive raise over the $417,000 Uggla made last season.

And the front office better get ready, because if there is any justice in the world, they are going to lose this one.  Actually, they are lucky that Danny didn't ask for more.

The only hope the front office has is if they can bore the arbitrator to near unconsciousness with constant replays of the All-Star game and somehow convince him/her that is somehow representative of Danny's play.  If that should be their tactic, best of luck.

Now, comes the long term question, should Uggla win, or even if he doesn't, what is his future with the Marlins?

Mike Berardino with the Sun-Sentinel made a FanPost  reporting a conversation he had with Uggla's agent.  Needless to say, it isn't too encouraging.

Mike Berardino''s FanPost

Click the above link, then on the link provided in the post.  You need to read this.

While I haven't been on record here at FishStripes with my opinion, I have had many telephone conversations on the topic and I do have one.

The odds are: this will be Danny's last year in a Marlins uniform.  If the Marlins stay in the hunt through the trading deadline, then he could be with the team all season.  Only to be traded in the offseason.  Should the Marlins fall out of the chase before the deadline, he will be traded during the season.

Given the way the Marlins operate and especially considering he hasn't been approached for a long term contract.  Uggla is getting too expensive and there is no reason to think he will get cheaper next season.

I really hope this doesn't happen, but we have all seen it before and nothing leads me to believe that anything has changed.

On different note.  In case you are curious about how the ones the Marlins traded are doing in arbitration here is an update:

Scott Olsen: ask $3.5 million.  Nats offer $2.5 million.

Josh Willingham: ask $3.5 million.  Nats offer $2.55 million.

Mike Jacobs: ask $3.85 million.  Royals offer $2.75 million.

Now you know.