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Anibal Sanchez out of the WBC

As our good friend, who has returned from vacation, Photi, reported in yesterday's comments, the Marlins are denying Anibal Sanchez to pitch in the WBC.

Opting to keep a closer eye on Anibal Sanchez, the Marlins are denying the right-hander permission to compete in the World Baseball Classic for Venezuela.

According to newspaper reports in Venezuela, the Marlins have told Sanchez that they'd rather have him in Spring Training instead of competing for his native country. Sanchez was in line to be part of a Venezuelan pitching rotation that will include Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano.


In my best Willie Mays Hays impersonation, complete with the dance: Yes!  Yes!  Yes!

Sanchez is still recovering from shoulder surgery and it is definitely best if the Marlins pitching coaches have complete control over his throwing regiment during the spring.  I have no doubt that Anibal would've liked to play for Venezuela in the WBC, but it is best for the Marlins, and possibly Sanchez's career, if he doesn't