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Florida Marlins still need a backup catcher

The Florida Marlins are still looking for a backup catcher.

But a source familiar with Florida's objectives says that more than adding a veteran like Jones, a free agent such as Ivan Rodriguez fits the club's needs better.

Indications, however, are the only way Rodriguez would be a Marlin is if he is willing to play for the league minimum. For an established star like Pudge, that may not be the price he is willing to accept.

Actually, Rodriguez is looking for $3 million.

The Marlins have kicked around signing free-agent catcher Ivan Rodriguez, who was a major part of their World Series championship team in 2003. The issue, not surprisingly, is price. Rodriguez, 37, wants $3 million for one year, according to a major-league source.

Which probably isn't doable since the Marlins balked on paying Gregg Zaun $1.5 million.

Just before New Year's Day, the Marlins considered whether to sign Gregg Zaun, but those talks didn't progress far because of the dollar figures being discussed. 

Then there is the issue of defense.

Defensively, there also are concerns. The grind of 17 seasons has taken a toll, and one scout says that defensively, right now Rodriguez is on par with Baker.

That may be true when it comes to throwing out runners, but Baker is better at blocking pitches than Rodriguez is now.

Baker blocks 85 percent of the pitches whereas Rodriguez blocks 82 pecent.  Believe it or not, this a meaningful difference, especially considering how often the young Marlins pitchers break the ball off into the dirt.

If the Marlins don't find a backup catcher before the season starts, the job will probably fall to Mike Rabelo.  And we all know how pretty that will be.

Kinda makes one wonder, was the releasing of Matt Treanor, who signed with the Tigers for $750,000, that good of an idea?