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Stadium News - Sort of

As anticipated, the county's vote on the contracts have been pushed back to February.

A package of votes by Miami and Miami-Dade commissioners that could lead to a new baseball stadium for the Florida Marlins has been pushed back until next month. The votes were initially scheduled for Thursday.


As of Monday, county and city commissioners had not seen details of the five contracts still to be finalized, though sources said the paperwork was nearly done.

Passage is not guaranteed, as a two-thirds majority of county commissioners must approve the construction and management agreements. The reason: The Marlins hired contractors without going through a county bid process, triggering the necessary super majority vote.


And the fun never stops.  The Marlins should clear the city with ease, the county, however, could prove to be problematic.  But until team Samson gets them the contracts, there won't be a vote and it is hard to blame them for that.