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Jorge Cantu and Jeremy Hermida come to terms

As Jrsyeagle reported in yesterday's Chum Bucket and Marlinsman put forth in a fan post, the Marlins avoided arbitration with Jorge Cantu and Jeremy Hermida.

Third baseman Jorge Cantu and left fielder Jeremy Hermida each avoided going to arbitration hearings by reaching agreement on one-year deals.

Cantu's deal is for $3.5 million, and it comes after he made $600,000, including $100,000 in incentives, last year. Hermida's deal is for $2.25 million with a chance to earn another $50,000 in incentives.

If Cantu can improve on defense and hit the way he did last season, this may prove to be a good deal.

As for Hermida, I completely agree with Marlinsman.

hermida..we'll see

There are still four players who are arbitration eligible and it doesn't look like they will reach an agreement by noon today.

Alfredo Amezaga, Ricky Nolasco, Cody Ross and Dan Uggla are still unsigned. 

Per club policy, if agreements are not in place before the two sides submit figures at noon today, negotiations cease and the Marlins move forward with hearings.

According to multiple baseball sources, as of late Monday afternoon Amezaga and Nolasco were poised to exchange. Uggla's agent, Jeff Borris, said he would reserve comment until today. 

While Nolasco, Amezaga and Ross are looking at healthy pay raises, the big dog in the hunt is Uggla.  It is possible that Uggla may end up being the highest paid player for next season.  But then again, maybe not. This should be interesting.

Oh, in case you were curious, Kevin Gregg reached an agreement with the Cubs.

Former Marlins RHP Kevin Gregg agreed to a $4.2 million, one-year contract. Gregg was acquired in November for RHP Jose Ceda.

Which is only good news for the Gregg family.